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announcing the Debian X Strike Force Subversion repository

Howdy folks,

Those of you who have been following the debian-devel or debian-x
mailing lists closely will already be aware of some of this, but I
thought the time was ripe for an official announcement.

Debian's XFree86 packages are becoming team-maintained.  In practice
they have always been to some extent, thanks to contributions large and
small from many people (grep the xfree86 package changelog for "thanks"

Now, however, the nature of XFree86 package maintenance is changing in a
more fundamental way.  I've been happy to maintain Debian's XFree86
packages for the past five years, but as my responsibilities for Debian
and the larger Free Software community have grown and come to demand
more of my time, I have found myself less able to give XFree86 packaging
the obsessive, single-minded attention it requires.

The obvious and reasonable solution to this problem is delegation and
power-sharing.  I have established a Subversion repository at
necrotic.deadbeast.net[1], and several people from the Debian "X Strike
Force", which includes myself and other subscribers to the debian-x
mailing list, have commit access to this repository.

The Debian X Strike Force repository is publicly browsable via the World
Wide Web:

With the Debian XFree86 packages under version control, I expect the
quality and pace of the work to increase.  A publicly browsable
repository also makes it people for the curious to find out what people
are working on, and what changes are forthcoming.

That established, I'd like to introduce the team of committers as
presently constituted:
	Daniel Stone, who is primarily getting 4.3.0
	ISHIKAWA Mutsumi, a jack of all trades who, among other things,
		understands X-TT better than I ever will;
	Fabio Massimo Di Nitto, IPv6 integration support specialist;
	Juliusz Chroboczek, font technologist extraordinaire;
	Joel Baker, Debian/*BSD assimilator;
	Branden Robinson, integrator and release flunky

While at present I conceive of myself as likely the only package
uploader, that conception may change in the near future.

The membership of the committing team is not closed!  If there is some
particular aspect of the XFree86 Debian package that you're interested
in, please send a brief proposal to the debian-x mailing list describing
what you'd like to work on.  I don't intend for there to be a
high-barrier to entry, and in fact no one has yet asked for access who
didn't get it.  Moreover, no one except me has screwed up the
repository.  :)  XFree86, even just the issues relevant to Debian
packaging, is a big, complex of software and deserves a correspondingly
large and dedicated team.  People who follow XFree86 CVS upstream with
an eye on backportable bugfixes are highly desired, as are people with
particular interest in chipset drivers or architecture-specific issues.

So, that's where XFree86 Debian package development is going.  I'm doing
my best to get it out of the single-maintainer Dark Ages and into the
collaborative, version-controlled Middle Ages.  ;-)

I welcome your comments and suggestions.

[1] Why not alioth.debian.net?  Because Subversion is still
alpha-quality software (though pretty solid by that standard) and a
project as large as XFree86 is bound to put some load on it.  I and the
rest of the team can work more efficiently if I maintain close
administrative supervision of the machine.

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