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X Strike Force SVN commit: rev 95 - trunk

Author: branden
Date: 2003-05-29 10:48:11 -0500 (Thu, 29 May 2003)
New Revision: 95

(cosmetic) typo fix

Modified: trunk/changelog
--- trunk/changelog	2003-05-29 11:36:33 UTC (rev 94)
+++ trunk/changelog	2003-05-29 15:48:11 UTC (rev 95)
@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@
         corresponding debugging message (Closes: #182704)
       + parse the contents of /proc/fb (first reported framebuffer device
         only) so as to treat "VESA" and "OFfb" framebuffer types the same as
-        no kernel framebuffer at all, since these (and possible some other)
+        no kernel framebuffer at all, since these (and possibly some other)
         framebuffer types do not work with the "UseFBDev" option (chipset
         specific drivers require facilities of a framebuffer device which the
         generic ones don't provide); also, clarify the corresponding debug

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