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X Strike Force SVN commit: rev 81 - people/daniel

Author: daniel
Date: 2003-05-27 18:57:53 -0500 (Tue, 27 May 2003)
New Revision: 81

Updated TODO, added comments from sh dude.

Modified: people/daniel/STATUS
--- people/daniel/STATUS	2003-05-27 04:47:32 UTC (rev 80)
+++ people/daniel/STATUS	2003-05-27 23:57:53 UTC (rev 81)
@@ -48,17 +48,20 @@
 powerpc:     No ping required (I have a dual G4 at work).
     Status: known good; new build to be initiated tomorrow when buildd is
             powered on.
-sh[34]:      No response (list query).
-    Status: not even started.
+sh[34]:      YAEGASHI Takeshi responded to list query late the next evening - he
+             doesn't have the time/resources to do the port, and not to let sh
+	     hold up 4.3.
+    Status: not even started; won't be ported to sh for a while due to lack of
+            time (lucky it's not a release architecture).
 s390:        Bastian Blank responded to personal query around 11:15 same day,
              initiated and completed build, sent me build log.
     Status: started, issues with building - build log received, problem appears
             to be that copying of xlibmesa-dri files isn't conditional, and
 	    needs to be made conditional on architecture/building of server.
 sparc:       Dagfinn Ilmari responded to personal query and kicked off build
-             around 5:45am next day.
-    Status: works, some minor xkb issues; awaiting completion of fresh build
-            (eta ~16:00).
+             around 5:45am next day; bulit to completion.
+    Status: works, some minor xkb issues with Type5 keyboards; built to
+            completion and otherwise works.
 x86-64:      No response (list query).
     Status: not even started.
@@ -68,6 +71,7 @@
   * Look at Sven Luther's SDK stuff to see if it's worth importing.
   * Look at building TinyX.
     + Which architectures does it build/work on?
+  * Fix ia64 ELF loader code.
   * Merge with people/{branden,ishikawa}.

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