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Re: XF86 4.3 patches and packages

On Mon, May 26, 2003 at 09:55:06PM -0400, Olivier Dragon wrote:
> Greetings admirable fellas,
> I'm kinda new to this list and XFree86 packages so please bare with my
> ignorance.
> I have a few questions about XF86, patches and 4.3 packages:
>  - Is 4.3.0pre1v1 available from somewhere? I would very much like
>    to test.
>  - Is the infamous KDE logout bug found in ds4 fixed in 4.3.0pre1v1? I
>    can't seem to connect to penguinppc.org.

Could you check if this bug is also present in upstream (you would need
to build 4.3.0 from source). If so, please describe the bug to me (i am
no KDE user though), and if it is not fixed in the current upstream CVS
head, i will have a try at hunting it.


Sven Luther

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