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X Strike Force: let's work on xfree86/branches/4.3.0/sid

Hi guys,

Thanks to Daniel it looks like we now have a merger of all of our lines
of development on 4.3.0.  His laborious task of bringing these threads
together is now capped by my largely symbolic act of creating
xfree86/branches/4.3.0/sid and svn copying people/daniel/debian over to
it, and making some updates to debian/changelog.

Unless you have particularly disruptive work planned, please feel free
to commit anything you'd like to see in 4.3.0-1 to

There are several things still to do:

1) Release 4.2.1-7 (it was on, then it was off, now it's on again).  See
for why.  I think I can handle this, and LaMont Jones will thank me.  :)
(Even if everyone else will curse my name for it not being 4.3.0-1.  :-P)

2) The xlibs bustup.  Currently I envision:
	* One shared lib, -dev, and -dbg package for every shared
	  library except those with a different upstream (fontconfig,
	  xft, xrender, xcursor).
	* xlibs-dev continues to live on as a dumping ground for
	  hated old static-only libraries.
	* xlibs-pic can continue to live on as a counterpart to
	  xlibs-dev, except these static libraries will contain
	  policy-violating PIC symbols.  I disagree with upstream's
	  solution to the static/PIC problem and I think we should go
	  ahead with Matthieu Herrb's solution from patch #046.

The binaries are the toughest part.  The prospect of libx11-6-bin,
libsm6-bin, libxt6-bin, etc., makes me vomit.  At the same time people
screech bloody murder about GL dependencies in xbase-clients when all
they want is xauth.  The Athena clients can easily be split off.  Any
other proposals?  I'm still mulling over the thought of an xauth-static
package.  xauth links against 3 X libraries: libXmuu.so.1, libXext.so.6,
and libX11.so.6.  If we have libx11-6-bin, libxext6-bin, and
libxmuu6-bin packages people will always guess wrong.

Anyway, I'll be taking point on this issue as well once I'm done with

Hmm, I'm forgetting other things for my enumerated list at present.
Well, that's what discussion threads are for.

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