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Bug#185656: xlibs: [nls] locales with @euro broken

tag 185656 + upstream
tag 185656 - moreinfo

On Fri, Mar 21, 2003 at 11:09:41PM +0100, Jan Paul Schmidt wrote:
> The @euro does not indicate that the Euro symbol is available but that
> the monetary system is Euro. That's the difference. Before
> 2000 the monetary system for germany was Deutschmark, but not it is
> Euro. So as the de_DE locales default to Deutschmark, nowether which
> charset is specified, this is how you tell the system what monetary
> system is in use.
> By the way, you can choose the locale in Debian during the locales
> configuration, so I won't be the last :o)

Well, I think the X Window System only cares about locales as far as
LC_CTYPE goes.  But anyway, yeah, it should recognize it.

Tagging this bug as an upstream issue.

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