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Bug#185708: French debconf templates for xfree86....story not finished

(sent through BTS, for the record)

Hello again, Branden (and other X packages maintainers?)

Afer a few investigations and several mail exchanges with my fellow
colleagues of the french translation team, it appears that I screwed
up and forgot to integrate several of their propositions for the
xfree86 debconf templates.

So, I'd like to ask you if you plan an upload for a new version of the
package soon?

If not, this would leave me a few days for another round of
proofreading in the debian-l10n-french mailing list.

Anyway, the templates I sent you (privately, not through the BTS)
yesterday are quite OK...but some modifications are still pending.

You can use either the version in #185708...or the one I sent after,
if the 4.2.1-7 upload is imminent. Both will work, anyway......but the
most preferrable option is waiting a few days for the final
proofreading to be done.

Christian Perrier
Debian geneweb and lifelines packages maintainer

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