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Bug#185584: xserver-xfree86: X server should retry xfs connection

Package: xserver-xfree86
Version: 4.2.1-3
Severity: wishlist

If you configure X to use a font server via TCP:

FontPath "tcp/font:7100"

and then restart the font server, the X server does not reconnect to it.
This causes it to lose access to all fonts.

-- System Information
Debian Release: testing/unstable
Kernel Version: Linux gondolin 2.4.20-686-smp #1 SMP Mon Jan 13 23:06:41 EST 2003 i686 Pentium III (Coppermine) GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

Versions of the packages xserver-xfree86 depends on:
ii  debconf        1.2.21         Debian configuration management system
ii  libc6          2.3.1-14       GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone
ii  xserver-common 4.2.1-3        files and utilities common to all X servers
ii  zlib1g         1.1.4-6        compression library - runtime

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