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Bug#185443: xserver-xfree86: savage total freeze on moving windows around

On Wed, Mar 19, 2003 at 01:25:24PM +0100, Narancs wrote:
> My machine was working fine for years, but the current Xserver in sid
> makes a total system freeze when useing enlightenment and Moving Eterm
> with mouse around. I see some really strange graphical rubbish on the
> screen while moving it around. I use the aqua theme. In some seconds
> the machince freezes when running any application and bring up new
> windows. Escpeacially when moving them.
> It took me hours to try to fix it, but it sux all the time so with all
> different kernels it does the same, it's about X, not other parts...
> please fix it as this stops my daily job really bad!

The Debian Project does not recommend using its "unstable" distribution
in production environments for exactly the reason you have stated.

I suggest downgrading your xserver-xfree86 package to the version in
Debian "testing" (or even "stable").

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