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Bug#141332: Ugly fonts : may be caused by change in /etc/X11/fs/config


In the new version of /etc/X11/fs/config, the content of the "catalogue"
variable has changed. The unscaled fonts (100dpi and 75dpi) used to be
declared before the Type1 (scalable) fonts. Now it's the contrary.

When looking for a font family (eg Helvetica) XFS seems to take the
first "font path" that matches in the catalogue variable. So with the
old version of the config file it used to take the 100dpi and now it
seems to take the Type1. 

Without anti-aliasing, bitmap fonts look much better than scalable
fonts. So I could solve the problem by putting the Type1 fonts after the
75/100dpi in the "catalogue" variable of the config file.

Maybe this order (first bitmap, then scalable) should remain the default
policy in the xfs package?

Oops I've just seen this contradicts the README.fonts. Well, anyway, for
me it looks nicer.

Best regards,


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