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Bug#170591: xfree86: Debconf templates translations dropped from xfree86

retitle 170591 xfree86: new .po files for da,de,es,fr,gl,it,ja,nl,pl,sv
tag 170591 + pending

On Sat, Mar 15, 2003 at 10:36:36PM +0100, Denis Barbier wrote:
> As explained in #170591, a bug in po-debconf < 0.5.3 removed most
> debconf templates translations from the xfree86 package.
> Fixed PO files containing those removed strings have been uploaded to
>      http://people.debian.org/~barbier/debian-l10n/xfree86/
> So before updating your translation, I strongly suggest you to first
> retrieve PO file from the URL above, it could save you a lot of work.

Thanks, I have done so, and the updates will be in -7.

I have already received more up-to-date .po files for Catalan and
Russian, so I did not pull those down from your site.

Thanks for making this stuff available to me, and for fixing the bug in

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