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Re: Newbie is trying but unable to find out what's going on...!!!

What's going on is almost certainly that you're using apt-get, rather
than one of the installation tools designed for newbies, like aptitude
or dselect.  Apt-get ignores package recommendations; if you're a
newbie, you do not want to ignore package recommendations.  A
recommended package is one that nobody but an expert who really knows
what he's doing would want to leave out.

In this case, you have probably left out font support, which is a
recommendation, rather than a dependency, because one font server can
support many machines, so it would be bad to force font support to be
installed on each and every machine (especially since fonts can be
quite large).  Install the x-window-system-core package, or run
aptitude and let it show you the recommended packages that you need to

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