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Bug#184395: xterm do not obey all command line flags

retitle 184935 xterm: instance resources not overriden by command-line options
tag 184935 + upstream moreinfo

On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 02:31:44AM +0200, Juhapekka Tolvanen wrote:
> Package: xterm
> Version: 4.2.1-3
> I have defined background color and foreground color of xterm in my
> X-resources.
> xterm*vt100.background:         black
> xterm*vt100.foreground:         orange

These are instance definitions, not class definitions.  Does anything
change if you write your resources more like this (these are what I use

XTerm.VT100.background: gray30
XTerm.VT100.foreground: gray90

> After that I can not override them with command line flags. For example
> if I give this command, I still have orange text on black:
> xterm -ls -fg 'gray84' -bg '#00003c' -cr 'green' \
> -fn '-jmk-neep alt-medium-r-normal-*-24-240-*-*-c-*-iso8859-15' &

This same command, aside from not finding the James M. Knoble font that
I don't have installed, works fine for me.  xterm pops up with gray on
navy blue, using the "fixed" font.

Try re-casing your resource settings and see if that fixes it.  Note
that X resources have to be explicitly reloaded, whether by restarting
the X server or with the xrdb command.

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