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Re: Server-Problem

Hello Manfred, hello Branden, hello *,

I'll try to translate this request for help.

On Saturday, 8. March 2003 00:49, Manfred Storch wrote:
> Hello,
> I do not know if this is the right place to ask, but I will try.
> After configuration with XF86Config, the new settings are supposed to be 
> taken into account when trying "startx" next. However, I get the following 
> message:
> root@Manes:~# startx
> hostname 2.08
> xauth:  creating new authority file /root/.Xauthority
> xauth:  creating new authority file /root/.Xauthority
> X: warning; process set to priority -11 instead of requested priority -10
> Fatal server error:
> Server is already active for display 0
>         If this server is no longer running, remove /tmp/.X0-lock
>         and start again.
> When reporting a problem related to a server crash, please send
> the full server output, not just the last messages.
> Please report problems to debian-x@lists.debian.org.
> What could cause this?
> If the error is already known, please give me a hint.
> Thanks in advance,
> M. Storch
> P.S. attached is the configuration session log

(I did not attach this one again).

now as to the problem, maybe someone on this list can indeed help you. 
However, somewhat obviously the X server does not start because there is 
already an X server running. Try to find out which with the ps ax command, 
you can then kill its process number to at least get rid of this error 
message (either startx or xdm process).

However, configuration of Debian's X package with XF86Config is not supported 
fully, since there is a much better alternative - dpkg-reconfigure 

If it still does not work, you should at least get a different error message 
you can post here. And don't forget to post in English :-)

-- translation into German:
zum Problem, vielleicht kann jemand auf der Liste Dir wirklich helfen. 
Allerdings ist das offensichtliche Problem erst einmal, daß der X Server 
deshalb nicht startet, weil schon irgendwo ein anderer läuft. Versuche mit 
dem Befehl ps ax herauszufinden, welcher das ist. Du kannst dann diese 
Prozessnummer mit dem kill-Befehl verwenden, um zumindest diese Fehlermeldung 
wegzubekommen (entweder ein startx-Prozess oder xdm).

Allerdings wird die Konfiguration von Debians X-Paketen mit XF86Config nicht 
vollständig unterstützt, da es eine viel bessere Alternative gibt - 
dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86.

Wenn das immer noch nicht funktioniert, solltest Du zumindest eine andere 
Fehlermeldung bekommen, die Du dann hier posten kannst. Und vergiß nicht in 
Englisch zu posten :-)

Schönen Gruß,
-Malte #8-)

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