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What's the policy for Multi_key / Compose?

By default, the left windows "logo" key as the Compose key on my woody i386 
box. However, on my iBook with an external iMac keyboard (with two Apple 
"logo" keys), the left logo key doesn't generate Multi_key by default. The 
Windows left logo key and the iMac left logo key both generate keysym 116 
(from xev). Is there a policy regarding Multi_key?

The reason I'm looking at this is beause the builtin ibook keyboard only has 
one logo key, but using it in combination with the 'fn' key, it generates 
another scancode (though it's different from the left logo key on the iMac 
keyboard with two logo keys). I'd like to be able to use the left logo key on 
the keyboard that has it, and use fn+right_logo on the keyboard that doesn't. 
And if there's a policy about this key, I'd like the mac keyboards to conform 
to it by default in Debian.

Thanks for helping me understand this.


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