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Bug#181632: acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#181632: xserver-xfree86: could not open default font 'fixed')

On Wed, Feb 19, 2003 at 11:50:38PM +0000, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton scrawled:
> [kasnip]
> xserver-xfree86 _definitely_ depends on xfonts-base, despite what
> you think.
> if xserver-xfree86 doesn't work without xfonts-base installed,
> then there is a dependency!
> there is no escaping that simple fact!

It's perfectly possible to have fonts without xfonts-base: just install
xfs on a remote machine. This is what a lot of large labs, etc, do - it
centralizes resources.

> logical inescapable conclusion: xserver needs fonts!

Yes, but not through xfonts-base. It can be through any mechanism.

> the dependency is expressed via the meta-package, x-window-system.


> therefore, whatever the dependencies that x-window-system lists
> must ALSO apply to all its REAL packages.

No; otherwise we wouldn't need metapackages.

> so, even if you "jump in", as i did, into installing only
> a limited subset of packages, there HAS to be some way of
> saying "this might not work".

xserver-xfree86 Recommends: xfonts-base - dselect and aptitude should
handle this correctly.

> you see, it's not that x-window-system-core depends on xserver-xfree86,
> xlibmesa3, xfonts-base, xfonts-100dpi, xfonts-75dpi, xfonts-scalable,
> xbase-clients and xutils.
> it's that xserver-xfree86 CANNOT WORK WITHOUT those packages installed.

Nope - it can work without xlibmesa3, without any font packages, without
xbase-clients, and without xutils. Who says your fonts and running apps
have to be local?

> if xserver-xfree86 does not work without x-window-system's group
> of packages having been installed, then this needs to be specified.

Only thing, it does.

> "you are about to install the following package however it is
>  unlikely to work unless you install one of the following:
>  x-window-system; y-window-system ..." do you wish to proceed
>  yes or no.

xserver-xfree86, as I said above, recommends that you install
xfonts-base, through its Recommends: xfonts-base relationship.

> if you believe that xserver-xfree86 is _not_ dependent upon
> xfonts-base, then why is it possible to install xserver-xfree86
> at all when neither the meta package x-window-system nor
> x-window-system-core nor the real package xfonts-base is
> not installed?

Because you can still have a flawlessly working X system without it?
Hell, you could run KDE if you liked.

> if x-window-system is a meta-package that installs
> xserver-xfree86, what is the equivalent package to
> x-window-system that gets xserver-mach32 installed, or
> xserver-svga installed?

AFAIK, there is none for the XFree86 3.3.x servers; such is life.

Daniel Stone                                     <dstone@trinity.unimelb.edu.au>
Developer, Trinity College, University of Melbourne

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