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Bug#180689: dpkg-reconfigure Should Prompt For Mouse "Resolution" Parameter

Package: xserver-xfree86
Version: any
Severity: wishlist

It would be really really nice if dpkg-reconfigure would let you input
something for the mouse "Resolution" parameter.  By default it omits
that parameter in the generated XF86Config, which leave the mouse speed
at whatever default that winds up being (which was too fast for me, but
at any rate is something that many users would prefer to tweak).

It's possible for clueful users to edit the file, but that means
touching something that will be overwritten the next time
dpkg-reconfigure is run, and in general it misses the point of using
dpkg-reconfigure for configuration tasks in the first place.

I encountered this on XFree86 3.x but per #debian I understand it still
applies in 4.2.

Jason B.

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