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compiling xfree86 from source on debian

Hi, (I originally posted in debian-user but I think
this is more applicable here.... sorry for the repost
if you read the other)....

I have multiple alpha systems, and unfortunately as it
turns out must compile Xfree86 from source, due to the
fact that the official alpha packages of debian do not
currently have my video card supported, yet support
exists according to the xfree86.org website....

I have not been able to find a good and easy guide to
follow of the steps involved (specific to debian)
through google.... has anyone attempted to properly
create debs (yes, I know Branden and his team does of
course, but his packages are lacking my drivers) for
xfree86 that has a step by step guide that I could
follow?  Or should I just download the source from
xfree86 and compile it as one large behemoth and not
worry about trying to use packages due to the
complicated nature of X?   Any thoughts or help


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