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Bug#170991: xlibmesa3 4.2.1-4 causes xmame.xgl to crash

On Mit, 2002-11-27 at 22:50, Chema Mateos wrote: 

> GLINFO: loaded OpenGL library libGL.so! <- file provided by nVidia
> GLINFO: loaded GLU    library libGLU.so! <- file provided by xlibmesa3
> GLINFO: glPolygonOffsetEXT (3): not implemented ! <-error in libGLU.so?

No, glPolygonOffsetEXT isn't a libGLU symbol. Looks like the nVidia
libGL is missing it.

> Violación de segmento <- (Segfault in English)

This is likely an xmame.xgl bug, unless a backtrace says otherwise.

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