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Bug#170934: xserver-xfree86: Sig11 with VTK progs when switching workspaces

Branden Robinson wrote:

> retitle 170934 xserver-xfree86: [mga] SEGV when switching workspaces in sawfish on MGA G400 AGP rev 130
> > This crash can also be reproduced with 4.2.1-4 & ATI Radeon Mobility M6.

The mga tag might be irrelevant because it also crashes on the following (as well as the Radeon above):
ATI Technologies Inc Rage Mobility M3 AGP 2x (rev 02)

> Can you please install xserver-xfree86-dbg and generate a backtrace with
> debugging symbols?

I did, but cannot get a coredump.
I did `ulimit -c unlimited and made sure XFree86-debug is started:
XFree86 Version (Debian (static) 4.2.1-4 20021123003806 branden@debian.org) / X Window System
I'm sure it's not my environment because I made a simple c program segfault, and it dumps core under the
same shell.
Added the NoTrapSignals to XF86Config-4, X locked up hard but still couldn't get a coredump.

What should I do next?

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