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Bug#170948: Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server

On Wed, Nov 27, 2002 at 04:42:40PM +0100, Lukas Hejtmanek wrote:
> I sometimes see this message
> Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
> Xlib: Maximum number of clients reached
> With version 4.2.1-3 I did not. I have today's update of all packages.

Very odd, I don't think anything that affected the protocol level, or
the server's per-client data structures, changed in 4.2.1-4.

> To aviod that message it helped to restart galeon with java_vm. It reduced 416
> opened sockets to 180. However java_vm opens just about 2 sockets to xserver.
> More I saw that message even if I was not running galeon with java_vm.

Do you think the problem is a resource leak, or are you really running
tons and tons of clients?

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