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Bug#170749: xfonts-scalable: runnxftcache in Speedo directory fails

retitle 170749 xbase-clients: [xftcache] fails on Speedo font directory
reassign 170749 xbase-clients

On Tue, Nov 26, 2002 at 02:04:58PM -0800, Michael Cardenas wrote:
> I tried the workarounds in that bug and they didn't help. I'm not sure
> its the same bug because I'm not getting a segfault. 

Ah, then it is different.

> > Can you tell me why you think the bug is in the xfonts-scalable package,
> > instead of in xbase-clients, which contains the xftcache program?
> > 
> Well, my gripe was really that I now have no way to install or remove
> the package, aside from manually moving the prerm script out of the
> way. It seems that xfonts-scalable should have an oh shit clause. 

That, or xftcache shouldn't be failing.

> > Are you willing to use gdb to generate a backtrace with debugging
> > symbols, if I provide you with an unstripped xftcache executable?
> Yes, that would be great. 

Since it's not segfaulting, that would be premature.

How does your Speedo fonts directory differ from what xfonts-scalable

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