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Re: Matrox 450DH + X

On Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 10:25:09PM -0600, Michael Kahle wrote:
> This may be more appropriate on the debian-user list, if so, sorry.
> Wow, I have never been so stumped in my entire life!  Please help...
> I have a IBM ZPro, 768MB, AIC-7889 SCSI, Matrox 450DH AGP Video.  Debian was
> installed with Woody 3.0 r0.  Then upgraded to the testing branch.  I did
> this by changing my sources.list and then ...
> apt-get update
> dselect update
> dselect select
> dselect install

Mmm, you upgraded from 4.1.0 (woody) to 4.2.1.

You were using the proprietary matrox drivers, which where built for
4.1.0, and are incompatible with 4.2.1.

There was another thread on the same subject on this list a few days
ago, please read it.

Anyway, if i am not mistaken, you have two solution :

  o use the xfree86 provided mga driver.

  o upgrade your proprietary matrox drivers to 4.2.[01] ones.


Sven Luther

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