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XServer broken after upgrade - more informations


Thanks in advance to the people who gave me an answer.
I'm very sorry that I didn't include the logs in my
previous posting, I wrote it from my job where I don't
have access to it. A short summary of my previous posting:

> I'm running Debian unstable on a Sony Vaio GR316MP-Notebook.
> I was able to set up XFree as delivered on unstable to work
> for the ATI Radeon 7500 and the Vaio's LCD with 1600x1200 pixels.
> Last friday (8th of November), I upgraded via apt-get update /
> upgrade and since then my XServer is broken, I only see diagonal
> lines. Mouse seems still to work, also I'm able to login via gdm
> (I see the colors of my gnome-desktop-wallpaper), but its all
> as those diagonal lines. I thought this would probably have to do
> with horiz/vert refresh and I fixed that with no effect. Also,
> the XFree86Config with the original one didn't work around.
> Have there been some changes in the X-server, especially the ATI
> driver last week which can cause this?

I have a few updates to this: 
Some people asked me to include logfiles. I don't put'em in
the mail due to size but put it on www.guerk.li/linux/xfree.tar.gz.
The tarball contains XF86Config-4, XFree86.0.log, .xsession-errors
and xfree-diag.txt which contains the output of dpkg -L for xfree.
Very interesting is that the mouse works fine and doesn't move
in the diagonal stripes in which the rest of the screen is
displayed. So I think it can't have to do with refresh-rates
or something like that - the mouse should also be part of
the stripped output - am I wrong?
Another thing I saw in the XServer-log in /var/log/messages is
that there seems to be a problem with the drm (what is that?).
I googled around a little bit and found that this could be
an issue with a module of the kernel - is that possible?
I tried to rebuild the kernel (I don't have any modules,
everything built-in) but it didn't help. Should I build something
as module or am I completly wrong?

I hope that someone can help me with those added informations,
thanks in advance!

Pascal Mainini

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