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Bug#168139: [neomagic] man page should document Xv OverlayMem option

Package: xserver-xfree86
Version: 4.2.1-3
Severity: minor
Tags: patch

Hello Branden,

Thanks to have include #000_stolen_from_HEAD_neomagic_driver.
This works well on my MagicMedia 256AV. 

However this require adding 
Option          "OverlayMem"            "829440"
to the XF86Config, but this is not documented in the neomagic manpage.
Fortunately, I found a patch for the man page at 

--- neomagic.man.orig   2002-10-25 10:34:20.000000000 +0200
+++ neomagic.man        2002-10-25 10:47:07.000000000 +0200
@@ -72,6 +72,13 @@
.BI "Option \*qShadowFB\*q \*q" boolean \*q
Enable or disable use of the shadow framebuffer layer.  Default: off.
+.BI "Option \*qOverlayMem\*q \*q" integer \*q
+Reserve the given amount of memory (in bytes) for the XVideo overlay. On
+boards with limited memory, display of large XVideo buffers might fail due
+to unsufficient available memory. Using this option solves the problem at the
+expense of reducing the memory avilable for other operations. For full
+resolution DVDs 829440 bytes (720x576x2) are necessary.
.B Note

Since you have included the Xv patch you might as well include the
manpage fix. If you don't just let the bug open until 4.3 is released,
this will give a supplementary chance for people to find out the 
right incantation.

You deserve full credit for providing Debian with Xfree packages that
are 1) really stable and 2) include all the new features of the CVS

Kind regards,

00:0a.0 VGA compatible controller: Neomagic Corporation [MagicMedia 256AV] (rev 20)
00:0a.0 Class 0300: 10c8:0005 (rev 20)

# XF86Config-4 (XFree86 server configuration file) generated by dexconf, the
# Debian X Configuration tool, using values from the debconf database.
# Edit this file with caution, and see the XF86Config-4 manual page.
# (Type "man XF86Config-4" at the shell prompt.)
# If you want your changes to this file preserved by dexconf, only make changes
# before the "### BEGIN DEBCONF SECTION" line above, and/or after the
# "### END DEBCONF SECTION" line below.
# To change things within the debconf section, run the command:
#   dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86
# as root.  Also see "How do I add custom sections to a dexconf-generated
# XF86Config or XF86Config-4 file?" in /usr/share/doc/xfree86-common/FAQ.gz.

Section "Files"
	FontPath	"unix/:7100"			# local font server
	# if the local font server has problems, we can fall back on these
	FontPath	"/usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc"
	FontPath	"/usr/lib/X11/fonts/cyrillic"
	FontPath	"/usr/lib/X11/fonts/100dpi/:unscaled"
	FontPath	"/usr/lib/X11/fonts/75dpi/:unscaled"
	FontPath	"/usr/lib/X11/fonts/Type1"
	FontPath	"/usr/lib/X11/fonts/Speedo"
	FontPath	"/usr/lib/X11/fonts/100dpi"
	FontPath	"/usr/lib/X11/fonts/75dpi"

Section "Module"
	Load	"GLcore"
	Load	"bitmap"
	Load	"dbe"
	Load	"ddc"
	Load	"dri"
	Load	"extmod"
	Load	"freetype"
	Load	"glx"
	Load	"int10"
	Load	"record"
	Load	"speedo"
	Load	"type1"
	Load	"vbe"

Section "InputDevice"
	Identifier	"Generic Keyboard"
	Driver		"keyboard"
	Option		"CoreKeyboard"
	Option		"XkbRules"	"xfree86"
	Option		"XkbModel"	"pc105"
	Option		"XkbLayout"	"fr"

Section "InputDevice"
	Identifier	"Configured Mouse"
	Driver		"mouse"
	Option		"CorePointer"
	Option		"Device"		"/dev/jam_imps2:0.0"
	Option		"Protocol"		"IMPS/2"
	Option		"ZAxisMapping"		"4 5"

Section "Device"
	Identifier	"NeoMagic MagicGraph 256AV"
	Driver		"neomagic"
	Option		"UseFBDev"		"true"
	Option 		"OverlayMem" 		"829440"

Section "Monitor"
	Identifier	"TFT"
	HorizSync	30-130
	VertRefresh	60-160
	Option		"DPMS"

Section "Screen"
	Identifier	"Default Screen"
	Device		"NeoMagic MagicGraph 256AV"
	Monitor		"TFT"
	DefaultDepth	16
	SubSection "Display"
		Depth		1
		Modes		"1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
	SubSection "Display"
		Depth		4
		Modes		"1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
	SubSection "Display"
		Depth		8
		Modes		"1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
	SubSection "Display"
		Depth		15
		Modes		"1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
	SubSection "Display"
		Depth		16
		Modes		"1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
	SubSection "Display"
		Depth		24
		Modes		"1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"

Section "ServerLayout"
	Identifier	"Default Layout"
	Screen		"Default Screen"
	InputDevice	"Generic Keyboard"
	InputDevice	"Configured Mouse"

Section "DRI"
	Mode	0666

-- System Information
Debian Release: testing/unstable
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux yellowpig 2.2.19 #1 Tue Apr 24 20:02:21 CEST 2001 i686
Locale: LANG=french, LC_CTYPE=french

Versions of packages xserver-xfree86 depends on:
ii  debconf                       1.2.10     Debian configuration management sy
ii  libc6                         2.2.5-14.3 GNU C Library: Shared libraries an
ii  xserver-common                4.2.1-3    files and utilities common to all 
ii  zlib1g                        1:1.1.4-6  compression library - runtime

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

Q: Does Debian has LSB support ?
A: Yes! But we also have MSB support.

 Debian: when you have better to care about than what CPU is in the box.

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