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Bug#139826: please add en_GB@euro support

>> Well, I don't necessarily think that's the case, since my
>> understanding is that the "@euro" modifier refers to the
>> characteristics of the locale setting as opposed to the details of
>> economic zones.

I suggest that we postpone this debate until Her Gracious Majesty's
Government convinces Her Gracious Majesty's Subjects to join the Euro
Zone.  (I'm told that there's a beggar in front of Waterloo terminal
in London with the sign ``Euro accepted -- Pound preferred.'')

CS> Stupid question from a EU citizen that happens to be in the US for
CS> a while.  Which locale setting do I have to use to be able to type
CS> and display the Euro character on my US keyboard (ie no Euro key)
CS> and monitor?

In the short term, en_US.ISO8859-15.

In the longer term, en_US.UTF-8.

Note that you'll probably need to generate these locales yourself.
man locale-gen.

CS> Shouldn't all citizens, and non citizens, be able to type all
CS> currency symbols of the world, and not only $ and maybe the pound
CS> sign?

Absolutely.  The long term plan is to completely decouple the locale
(a set of cultural and political preferences) from the character
encoding.  Thus, we hope that someday a Debian system will have UTF-8
locales only.

CS> But probably people in the US didn't get these stickers in the
CS> mail...

Our student labs have US keyboards.  The second thing we teach our
students is M-x iso-accents-mode.


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