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Bug#167234: Problems XFree86 + NvidiaGeforce 2 MX400 twinwiev + Apple Studio Display 15'

On Fre, 2002-11-01 at 17:10, Branden Robinson wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 01, 2002 at 02:18:56PM +0100, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> > The nv driver has only been fixed for PPC after 4.2.0, i.e. you'd need
> > current CVS.
> I didn't know it was broken.
> Should I shut the driver back off (i.e., don't build, don't ship) for
> PowerPC in my current 4.2.1 packages?

I don't know what the exact status of the driver is in 4.2.1; it may
work on some chips or with some features disabled.

> Alternatively, I'm willing to accept patches to the nv driver to bring
> it into feature parity with i386 in 4.2.1.

Ani Joshi or the Yellow Dog folks might have patches.

Earthling Michel Dänzer (MrCooper)/ Debian GNU/Linux (powerpc) developer
XFree86 and DRI project member   /  CS student, Free Software enthusiast

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