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Bug#163885: additional info -- [dri] r128.o kernel module version is 2.1.6 but version 2.2 or greater is needed.

On Wed, Oct 09, 2002 at 01:18:03AM +0000, Lazarus Long wrote:
> Additional info:
> The same errors occur when rebooting to an old kernel, 2.4.18, from way
> back in March.  (I thought perhaps for some strange reason the module
> version had been reverted in the current kernel.  That's not the case,
> apparently, saving you looking into that.)

No, if the modules in kernel 2.4.19 didn't support DRI version 2.2, the
modules in 2.4.18 almost certainly wouldn't.

> XFree86 Version 4.2.1 (Debian 4.2.1-2 20021008045526 branden@debian.org) / X Window System

Well, this is an improvement.  It would still be nice to see the
information described in XF86Config(7), though.

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