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Re: xfree86 4.2.1-0pre1v2 (source,alpha,i386,hppa,powerpc,sparc) available at the X Strike Force

Branden Robinson wrote:
>      - SECURITY: Implement LocalClientCred() to return the credentials of local
>        clients connected through Unix domain sockets on systems that have the
>        required support (for now recent Linux, FreeBSD >= 4.6, OpenBSD >= 3.0
>        are implemented), and use that in ShmAttach() to grant access to the
>        client.  When client credentials are not available, require world
>        accessibility. (Matthieu Herrb)

This is I suppose a little bit offtopic, but does openbsd use the same
getpeereid() and ucred structure as does freebsd? I suppose I should try
to pull that patch next time I'm online as anything I can do to make my
getcreds code more portable would be a good thing.

see shy jo

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