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Re: Silicon Motion HEAD in 4.2.1 src

On Sun, Sep 15, 2002 at 03:39:19PM +0200, Roman Himmes wrote:
> due to the lacking XVideo Extension support in Xfree4.2.1 for the Silicon 
> Motion Lynx 3DM driver, I tried to compile Branden's latest source Packages 
> with the newest siliconmotion drivers from the Xfree cvs Head sources.
> (I copied the *.h and *.c from the cvs into the buildtree. after I did 
> debian/rules/checksource ) the I made a "make World".
> BUT now Xfree86 crashes when I try to watch a movie with MPlayer or aviplay 
> when they try to use the XV-Extension.

Heh, sounds like you've found an upstream bug.  Welcome to CVS HEAD.  :)

> May a complete install of my own compiled Xfree86 sources help ?

Unlikely.  If the tree as you patched it built at all, the problem is
probably present in a pure build of CVS HEAD.

> What is the "right" way to install Brandens sources ? (debian/rules build ?? 
> but that will build a static debug version of xfree...) 

Only in addition to the regular one.

Simply don't use the xserver-xfree86-dbg package or the XFree86-debug
server executable.

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