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trident and new xfree86 packages


 I've just wanted to give a try to Branden's latest XFree86 4.2.0
 packages. I decided to do this, because 4.1.0 from woody freezes every
 few minutes (a known problem). I have Trident Microsystems 3DIm`age 975
 (rev 243) card. 

 The problem with the new packages is, that the colors are totally
 wrong. I run any application like xmms and black is black, white is
 white, but anything else is wrong. 

 The funny thing is, that I have been replacing an old Mandrake install,
 which had 4.2.0 there (because 4.1.0 also frozed the system regularily)
 and it worked there, so I believe this is a debian-x related problem,
 not a generic XFree86-4.2.0. I have backed up XF86Config-4 from
 Mandrake, I tried to manually change my Debian's config to match it to
 ensure it's not a configuration problem. The problem still persists.

 The colors are different in 16-bit and in 24-bit modes (I get switched
 to the mode, but 24 bit mode is darker and white is not white and black
 is not black). But I just want 16-bit color.

 Any ideas?


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