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Re: .Xdefaults seems broken

> >        $HOME/.Xresources
> >               contains X resources specific to the  invoking  user's  environ-
> >               ment.   The  settings  are  loaded  with xrdb -merge.  Note that
> >               $HOME/.Xdefaults is a relic from X Version 10 (and X11R1)  days,
> >               before  app-defaults files were implemented.  It has been depre-
> >               cated for over ten years at the time  of  this  writing.   .Xre-
> >               sources should be used instead.
> Mmm, following this, i renamed my .Xdefaults-<hostname> to .Xresources,
> and since then my xterm ignores those changes, so maybe there is
> something more going on here (but then, as you well know, i am mostly
> ignorant of how this really work/should work).

What I have noticed about this is that .Xresouces does indeed work for
controlling xterm and what not, but you have to restart X (or at least log
in again) in order for the changes to take effect, where as with
.Xdefault the changes took place imeadiatly. And I'm still slightly
confused as to why .Xdefaults seems to work all 5 of the other debian
boxse with almost the exact same configuration. Has something changed
recently that would have caused this?



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