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Re: dri on the intel i810

On Sat, 2002-08-03 at 03:52, Michael Cardenas wrote:
> Hello everyone. Again, please cc me if you respond as I'm not
> subscribed. 
> Attach: /root/glxout glxinfo output
> I'm still trying to debug the dri on intel i810 video cards for our
> next release, and strangely the xfree86 log says that everything is
> fine and says "direct rendering enabled" but glxinfo says "direct rendering: no". 

This one had me stunned for a while. But then I recalled something: The
i810 driver was broken in 4.2.0 such that DRI didn't work unless XvMC
was also enabled. This has been fixed on the XFree86 CVS trunk on May
14th, apparently not yet on the 4.2 branch.

Earthling Michel Dänzer (MrCooper)/ Debian GNU/Linux (powerpc) developer
XFree86 and DRI project member   /  CS student, Free Software enthusiast

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