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HWcursor problem (was: Re: 4.2 install report)

#include <hallo.h>
Steve Greenland wrote on Wed Jun 26, 2002 um 06:19:13PM:
> I upgraded from whatever is in Debian unstable to 4.2.0pre1v1.
> Everything went smoothly, no problems. I can finally switch from the X
> console to another virtual console and back without crashing the server
> (Trident Cyberblade). Very nice.

Almost the same for me, but - with the new nv driver, I have to use
Option "SWcursor". With HWcursor, I get only two purple shadows of a
pointer, not the default black pointer.

4.1 worked fine with both, afaik. SWcursor has a flickering problem when
beeing over refreshed areas, ie. over the XMMS window.

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