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which Debian host for xprint packaging?

I've started downloaded the CVS source for Xprint from xprint.mozdev.org.

mozdev.org seems to be a little slow, especially in business hours - after
16 hours, "cvs co xprint" only downloaded 32 MB!  ( I gather I should add
the -z1 compression flag, which I have now done, the full line being
"cvs -d :pserver:guest@mozdev.org:/cvs -z1 co xprint" ).

This effectively means I can't download it directly onto my own computer (a
laptop), since I need to eat and do other things during the day than wait
for xprint CVS to download.

I therefore want to use a Debian machine to checkout the source as a
background task.  At the moment I'm using people.debian.org (i.e.
klecker.debian.org), but my question is whether this is as good as any other
Debian machine for this kind of task?  Actually, I just realised klecker
runs potato, so for compiling and packaging I'll need to logon to a sid
machine anyway.  Which Debian machine (running unstable) would be more
appropriate to use for downloading and manipulating Xprint (X11) source
code?  Connecting from Australia, if geography makes a difference.


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