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Re: Recommended beer transport protocol ?

On Wed, Jun 19, 2002 at 12:26:23AM -0700, Derek Gladding wrote:
> I'd like to buy you a beer to say thankyou for (a) all the hard work
> you've put in getting X4.2 done, and (b) all the hard work you've done
> putting up with the crap people have been throwing in your direction 
> about it.
> What's the best way of doing this ? Paypal or somesuch ?

Heh.  I don't drink beer; I'm a mixed-drink kind of guy.  White Russians
are my favorite but they don't go with everything, and I haven't really
yet encountered a mixed drink I *didn't* like.  ;-)

I don't have a PayPal accoumt, but I'll let you treat me to a drink if
you're going to DebConf 2 in Toronto next month.  :)

Otherwise, your thanks is enough.  One nice email makes up for ten rude
ones.  (Then there are the ones which are just plain weird, like the
guy who emailed me privately today asking for help with ncurses on Red
Hat -- no mention of XFree86 or Debian at all.)

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