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Font Licensing

Which of the XFree86 (font) licenses actually meet the requirements of
the DFSG?

Here's my quandary:

I am currently talking with the XFree86 developers to include an 
OpenType font with their distribution. The organization that I volunteer
for would like to include this font with future versions of XFree86 and
at the same time wants to protect its copyright (and its effort) for
creating the fonts.

This organization provides these fonts for free (as in beer) for
personal and business use and allows modification of these fonts for
private use only (no distribution). However, there is a SDK available
for developers to create their own fonts from these template fonts and
will probably be available under a DFSG license.

Will it be possible to include the OpenType fonts (with XFree86) in
Debian? If so, what license would accomodate such needs?

Emil Soleyman-Zomalan

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