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ITITP: xprint (X.org)

(that's Intention to Intent to Package)

Some useful X code has turned up, and I wanted to check in here about it
first to make sure I wouldn't be stepping on anyone's toes by packaging it.

Most of you (and certainly Branden would be) would be aware that X11 has
this obscure corner known as Xprint, the X print server.  In rough terms, it
allows printing using the same drawing APIs that X uses for drawing to
screen.  Debian provides it from XFree86 in the form of the package xprt.

The reason it's required, or at least useful, is that the mozilla default
printing driver (postscript) is, to some degree, broken.  Although pages are
rendered correctly on screen, they are sometimes defective on the printed
page.  For instance, non-latin letters do not get rendered (cf mozilla bug
125006, http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=125006; this may be an
issue of inadequate fonts being installed), CSS styles do
not get printed correctly (text is printed in the default serif font where
it is supposed to be styled as sans-serif).

These mozilla printing problems can be worked around by using xprint instead
(mozilla is designed to print using xprint, if it is available).

However, XFree86's version of xprint is broken (mozilla detects this and
gives a warning message saying it won't print).

Roland Mainz is working on the upstream source for xprint (that's upper
upstream, X.org not XFree86.org), and provides a binary xprint server for
Linux, which works successfully with our mozilla.

He now has a development site set aside  for Xprint, at

I would therefore like to take his standalone xprint code and package it for
Debian.  Any suggestions for naming?  xprint or xprt-x11 or ...??

Of course, the X.org (or xprint.mozdev.org) xprint code should eventually
fall down to into XFree86, but this will take time - apparentally the
XFree86 code (font handling and other areas) is significantly different -
and buggy - compared to X.org's original code.

If there are no reasonable objections, I'll proceed in couple of weeks time
(after assignments are finished ;) ).

If anyone considered themself better qualified for the job and wants to
do it, feel free to tell me so.


Drew Parsons

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