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Re: Default X background.

The cross hatch was chosen by yours truly I suspect sometime in the
last half of 1984. (at least, I have memories of experimenting with
a number of different patterns...  If it wasn't me, it was rws/\.)

It has a property most patterns don't: you can xor rubber banding
on a one bit deep display (all we had at the time) and see the

There isn't anything sacred about the pattern, though there are some words
in the protocol spec about what roughly will be there; there are other
possibilities that would meet the letter of the law.

It is useful at times to see that pattern, as it tells you something
pretty definate about the state of the X server.

But changing it to something else is certainly possible: I did not detect
consensus on the xpert list of what to change it to, however.
                      - Jim

Jim Gettys
Cambridge Research Laboratory
Compaq Computer Corporation

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