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Re: semi working 4.2.0 debs

On Mon, 22 Apr 2002, Charl P. Botha wrote:

> > Last time I checked, it was 'RSN'.  Still is.  I have a geforce 2 MX too,
> > but I'd rather use a card which doesn't have opengl drivers but will have
> > open source drivers one day, than a card which can do it now, but will
> > never have source :-)
> So, you've paid $200 for a card that for all practical purposes is only
> being used for 2D graphics.

No - I have another patition with windows on for now.

> I actually have to do real work (involving openGL) on my machines, so I

real work?  crikey.. I only do the 'virtual' kind on my machine.

> If I had the time, I would buy the thing and help hacking on the drivers, as
> I do think the card has great potential.  However, at this moment I can't
> really identify with your philosophy on this matter. :)

fair enough.

although, philosophically,

1) supporting the manufacturer that supports the DRI project and releases
2) knowing that the drivers WILL eventually appear (especially since the
   mostly-compatible R7500 is already supported

is enough for me.

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