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Re: Building 4.2.0

On Sat, Apr 20, 2002 at 12:52:32PM -0500, Bryan W. Headley wrote:
> Hi, I'm being driven by the need of support for my digital tablet 
> (hyperpen) to build 4.2.0. My plan was, build the stuff, keeping an eye 
> towards reproducibility with dpkg, and share those patches with you folks...
> 1. I've checked the installed tarball versus HEAD branch with CVS. What 
> branch should we establish as mainline?


> What post-release patches should 
> be merged in?

You'll get a lot of them just by using the above branch.

> 2. PEX5 and XIE aren't compiled by default anymore. Appropriate to make 
> separate .deb's for them?

I wasn't going to package them at all.  They're not 64-bit clean
(especially PEX5) and they are deprecated by XFree86.

 The pex5 and xie modules implement deprecated extensions, PEX5 and the X
 Image Extension, respectively.  PEX5 may be safely turned off by most users,
 but some applications still query the server for XIE support even though they
 don't use it.  These modules will disappear in a future release of XFree86.

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