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Re: Why XFree86 4.2 Isn't in Woody

begin  Branden Robinson  quotation:

> A couple of people on a recent thread in debian-devel linked to a
> message I recently posted on Slashdot on this subject.  I had thought
> about posting this information to Debian's lists as well, but at the
> time, didn't see a need.
> Thanks to that recent thread, now I see a need.  :)


Branden, as one Debian user, I would like to thank you for the
tremendous job you do on the X packages. Debian's X has worked
flawlessly on my machines. Unlike many less-complex packages, I have
never installed a new X package and found it fundamentally broken. (And
this is running Sid, mind you, so I'm not getting the benefit of two
weeks of other users' testing.)

I await 4.2 patiently. I don't want to see it until you feel it's ready,
and as long as there are 4.1 issues to deal with for Woody, obviously
that should be your focus.

> I'll also add that some of my time (some of it paid for by my employer)
> has being going towards trying to solve a problem that people have been
> complaining about even more loudly -- and for a greater duration -- than
> the absence of XFree86 4.2 Debian packages: Debian's installer.
> Some people just don't like Debian's existing text-mode installer, no
> matter how flexible it is.  They want a GUI installer, darn it.
> Progeny's version of Debian got pretty positive reviews, and several
> people said Progeny "solved" the "problem" with Debian's installer.

If we get a nice GUI installer, that's great, but it's JUST PLAIN STUPID
for people to claim that there is anything wrong with a text-mode one.
I've installed Potato several times (usually dist-upgrading to Sid
almost immediately thereafter). I _like_ that installer. It may not be
as pretty as Red Hat's, but it's more than adequate, and it makes sense
to me that an OS installer should make minimal demands on the system.

Still, as I said, a GUI installer's fine with me as long as it works
well, so I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labors in Woody+1.
I'll take a look at your work-in-progress next time I do an install.


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