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nvidia-kernel and 2.5.2 Kernel on Mandrake 8.1

I recently downloaded and compiled/installed the newest kernel (2.5.2).
I had eveything running fine (except for a few minor things that I'm
still trying to work out) except for my NVidia drivers.  With the distro
kernel, I was able to download the RPM for MDK8.1 and load it
up...change the XF86Config-4 file and WHAM!! NVidia he we are!  But then
when I upgraded to the 2.5.2 kernel - no joy.  So I read somewhere on
one of these postings that you couldn't run the same drivers with a
different kernel - which made sense.  So I downloaded the source files
for the NVidia Kernel and GLX modules.  Since then, no matter what I
try, I get the same error(s) everytime I try to compile the NVidia
kernel.  I am running enlightenment OVER Gnome and there is a NOTICEABLE
difference when the NVidia driver isn't running.  Can anyone please,
PLEASE help?!?!


P.S.>  Here's the error code that I get when I try to "make" the NVidia

# make
rm -f nv.o os-interface.o os-registry.o Module-linux nv_compiler.h
cc -c -Wall -Wno-unknown-pragmas -Wno-multichar -O-D__KERNEL__ -DMODULE
-I/lib/modules/2.5.2b_nvidia/build/include nv.c
nv.c: In function 'nv_kern_open':
nv.c:1149: invalid operands to binary &
nv.c:1153: invalid operands to binary &
nv.c: In function 'nv_kern_close':
nv.c:1260: invalid operands to binary &
make: *** [nv.o] Error 1

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