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Re: alt->meta->esc status quo

Charl P. Botha wrote:

> It's not always the desired solution.  Some keyboards _do_ have separate
> META keys and always binding meta to alt would be very rude.  The same goes
> for binding escape to meta.

Ok. But rxvt or gnome-terminal for example work out-of-the-box. I'll
try to find out what they do differently...

> > works with mutt, slrn, ... , however. Although I know the question has
> > been asked several times, and the answer has probably already been
> > given, I couldn't find it... What's the "right" way to deal with that?
> I have no idea.  I'm a ctrl-a ctrl-e kind of guy. :)

I becoming one, too :-) In spite of that, it disturbs me. And like
above, rxvt et al. don't have the problem.

regards, Stefan


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