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Re: Bug in Xgalaga?

> Manuel Bilderbeek wrote:
> > I recently installed Debian Woody and when I was playing in X a bit, I
> > selected Xgalaga in the WindowMaker standard menu. That crashed the pc!
> > there some bug in it?
> > Starting xgalaga from the command line does the same. Complete hangup.
> Well that's pretty suprising -- xgalaga is just a plain jane X app, and
> it should not be able to hang the X server. This probably points to a
> bug in the X server or perhaps a hardware problem with your system.
> Perhaps the people on this list can help..

Could be, I had some very troubling troubles getting X running. In fact,
this was the reason I moved to Woody. I have an onboard Intel i810 chipset
and I couldn't get Potato to work with it. So now I am running Xfree86 4.0.1
with the i810 module. Maybe a bug in it, indeed?

ANother problem is that I can't get it to work on 1280x1024... The X server
insists on going to 1024x768.... ARGH...

Does anyone have any hints to get this working?
If so, please mail me privately, I'm not subscribed to the mailinglist.

Best regards,

Manuel Bilderbeek - a Newbian

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