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re: gnome apps _slow_

I emailed awhile back re gnome apps taking forever to come
up and noting network access thrash while waiting

During one of the debian unstable upgrades I
lost esound/esd daemon auto start capability
(I've always had it installed on my system)
or the gnome apps became dependent
on it.

In any case, I noticed that root gnome apps were fast
and lacked the network thrash.  I followed up on
another clue re esound and noted that it was _not_
running in the background.

If I now crank up esd from a root window with
   esd &
I lose xfce sound but gnome apps are happy in
non-root X.

So, I current questions are:

   1) clues re configuring Xfce to route window
   sounds through esd?

   2) clues re how esd is supposed to crank up
   when X server starts and perhaps what might
   have happened to block same?


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