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again troubles with Euro sign


This time I have successfully konfigured MS-Truetype fonts with KDE and
anti-aliasing etc pp (via X 4.0.3 and XftConfig) and can now select 
iso-8859-15 fonts for all my KDE apps. I can show the character 0xA4
(according to man iso-8859-15) if I insert it into a hex file with khexedit
so the fonts are right but I cannot enter it.
I tried my .xmodmap with both, "currency" and "EuroSign" on the altgr-e
position but only "currency" give lets me enter a char at all. It gives the
right 0xa4 when editing a text file on xterm but all KDE apps just show
the currency sign but won't show an euro sign when using "EuroSign" either.

Any ideas?


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