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Re: xfs 4.1: 75dpi vs 100dpi

>> How can I choose the default font size when using xfs? Even though
>> I started X via '$X11/bin/xinit -- -quiet -dpi 75', I still get the
>> giant 100dpi fonts, e.g. in Mozilla.

MD> If the font server serves 100dpi fonts, there's nothing the X
MD> server can do about that.

That's not true.  The client can always request a fully specified
font; the server's DPI value is only used for underspecified
*scalable* fonts (and I believe that the font server's value is only
used if the X server is obsolete).  For underspecified *bitmap* fonts,
only the font path order counts.

I suspect a Mozilla issue rather than an X issue.  You can debug this
by checking an X protocol trace for OpenFont requests.

>> Changing the catalogue sequence in /etc/X11/fs/config helps, but since
>> xfs should be a network service suitable for several local and remote
>> users, I doubt that this is the right way.

MD> AFAIK it's the only way.

I fear that Michel might be right.  If the client underspecifies
*bitmap* fonts, only the font path order counts.

The solution is to get Mozilla to fully specify fonts.  A workaround
would be to run two font servers, one with 75 dpi fonts and one with
100 dpi fonts, and put them in the desired order in your server's font
path.  (A better workaround would be to stop running an X server;
there's no good reason to run one.)

Yes, the core font handling in X11 is a mess.  Let's hope we all move
to RENDER fonts as soon as possible.


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