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Re: X4 & testing/woody

On Thu, Jan 18, 2001 at 04:48:58AM -0500, Anthony Towns wrote:
> X4 hasn't gone into woody yet; somehow or other it's breaking the testing
> update scripts --- blowing out the runtime from 20 minutes in total to
> more like 10 or 20 hours (I haven't let it run to see exactly). 

Okay, so X4 is in woody now (on ftp-master anyway; should hit the mirrors

The xpm4g stuff was causing one set of problems; the freetype stuff
was causing another. I've gone ahead and forced all the things that
depended on xpm4g out of testing: hopefully they'll make it back in
from unstable soon. I've also gone ahead and forced the freetype and
freetype1 packages into testing. This has a slight problem in that
freetype1 depends on a later version of glibc than is in testing atm,
but that should be fixed soon.


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