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Re: half-offtopic-kde

Greetings Debian User, you should consider debian-user@lists.debian.org
isntead of debian-x -- this mail list is intended for X developers.

As for your question, something like: dpkg -i kde*deb in the directory
you downloaded all the kde debs ought to do the job.

BTW -- why not just use apt with the kde repository? :)

* Debian User <fmatheus@ime.unicamp.br> [001203 10:46]:
> Sorry post this here, but im lost.
> Im trying install Kde2.0...
> I hava all .deb files, but that dont work with dselect, because of missing
> Packages.gz file list.
> So there is some tool to gerate that?
> Kde site say dpkg -i <wanted package>, but there is some tens of files,
> and i would like take advantage of task-kde2 deb file.
> thanks.
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